Solar Panels / Photovoltaic

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Green Engineering / Sustainable Design

Alternative energy, conservation, life cycle management, renewable resources, organic, holistic, recycle, reuse, rehabilitate, refurbish; while the terms may have changed, the need remains the same: to provide environmentally sensitive and sustainable design solutions for infrastructure, buildings, parks and site development projects.   The engineers, planners and land surveyors at Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc. have been providing such green solutions since 1933. 

Throughout our history, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting and applying these best practices to improve our communities, protect public health and the environment.

  • Solar Roof Panels / Photovoltaic Roofs
  • NYSERDA Energy Rebates
  • Dark Sky Compliant Lighting
  • Controls
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Lighting
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Electric Circuits Design

Site Development
  • Bioretention / Rain Gardens
  • Storm Water Detention
  • Infiltration Systems
  • Proprietary Practices
  • Storm Water Wetlands
  • Porous Pavement / Pervious Concrete
  • Storm Water Retrofits
  • Cluster / Open Space Developments
  • Low Impact Development
  • Linear Parks
  • Tree Preservation / Native Vegetation
  • Bike / Pedestrian Trails
  • Environmentally Friendly Parking and Convenience Facilities

For more information regarding our green engineering services, please contact:

Marie A. Nowak, P.E., Vice President, Engineering
(716) 827-8000

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